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With a huge change in today’s economy worldwide, which has contributed to the dramatic increase in a lack of employment, the medical field is one particular industry that has remained in tact, despite the many industries that have fallen apart.

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The recession has not kept people from looking further into the wonderful opportunities available in the healthcare sector, more specifically, working as a medical assistant. In fact, with the plethora of doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals still running well, people are particularly interested making a living from a medical assistant salary.

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The medical field is flourishing, and is expected to continue to grow over the next several years, making it one of the more demanding and prominent professions to be a part of.

The competitive nature of a medical assistant salary provides one with a number of career opportunities. These can include further education such as obtaining a bachelor’s degree in health promotion, health services, health management, or human services, in addition to teaching, managerial positions, clinical supervisors, and different administrative support occupations.

Wages definitely differ depending on your current skill set, experience, and training. So just how much does a medical assistant make? A medical assistant salary ranges from entry-level of anything between $20,000 to $32,000, to as high as $60,000, in US currency.

Although not necessarily a requirement, doctors and physician’s are compelled to hiring certified medical assistants, or CMA’s. This is precisely why it is encouraged you obtain clinical and academic training, giving you a professional edge on your peers with your certification.

You will become highly knowledgeable in a series of topics from laboratory techniques, medical terminology, computer applications, clinical diagnostic procedures, pharmacology, human pathology, physiology, and insurance processing, just to name a few.

Obtaining such a broad understanding in a variety of topics will contribute greatly to your overall medical assistant salary.

While there are various policies governed by different organizations around the world, if you want to work in the United States, it is encouraged you enroll in a professional program such as the likes of the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs – CAAHEP, or the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools – ABHES.

For those of you working outside of America, make sure you do your diligence and consider additional rules and regulations for the country you choose to work in.

Upon graduation in the U.S., completion of the intense AAMA Certification Exam is followed. This is a wonderful way of indicating to your current or future employer that you not only take your profession seriously, but that you possess exceptional comprehensive and thorough knowledge in your respective field.

Generally the medical assistant salary for someone without certification tends to be lower when compared to someone who possesses their associate’s degree. Again, compensation will vary, however, individuals just starting out in this discipline can expect to make an average salary of $10 and $12 hourly.

Working as a medical helper can be a very flexible career while it may also open up a lot of other doors. One key point is knowing the medical field and terminology alone. Not anyone can understand this form of communication and consequently, it can lead to even bigger career paths. This can include anything from medical billing, to other forms of insurance work such as working with medical health claims.

You have full control of what you want your medical assistant salary to be, or if you want to take your career even further.

Medical assisting has continued to provide people of all walks of life with substantial job opportunities, and it’s really up to you how you decide to manage and take advantage of such opportunities. With the ability for growth and advancement, medical assistants are regarded as one of today’s booming allied health care careers.

A medical assistant salary will highly depend on your training, employer, size of practice, and of course your work experience. Location will also have an impact on your overall salary. Within the United States, urban areas will compensate at higher degrees than those centers found in rural areas.

It has also been suggested that the Southern states pay significantly less than those wages found in the Western and Northeastern states. Combined experience and certification allows medical assistants to be paid at very competitive wages with a number of valuable benefits.

This challenging, yet rewarding industry, embodies positive fulfillment and satisfaction in making a difference in people’s lives.

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